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Different patients wearing Myoaligner®

We believe in the triple win

With Myoaligner® in your practice you:

Aumente su producción • Ofrezca una solución de baja responsabilidad • Haga que los pacientes estén felices y saludables

Dr. Maryam Motlagh

You became a dentist because you want to help patients develop beautiful smiles and healthy teeth.


You might have noticed that many of your patients suffer from pain and discomfort that cannot be traced back to cavities or infections.  You might have faced heartbreaking challenges with your veneers fracturing or your orthodontic treatment not holding up

Suffering from the complications of poor occlusion herself, our founder, Dr. Maryam Motlagh, received her dental degree from Oregon Health Sciences University and focused her post doctorate studies on Occlusion, TMD and complex restorative dentistry.  She completed her training at reputable Spear Center, Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies and epigenic orthodontic residency program taught by Dr. Dave Singh.  In the process of her mastership from the International College of  Cranio-Manidibular Orthopedics,  she developed the Myoaligner® System.


For more than 20 years she’s built a successful dental practice focusing on Complex Restorative, TMD, Dental Sleep/Breathing disorders and she understands the pressures dentists feel to help patients get well, while also running a profitable practice.

That’s why at Myoaligner®, we believe in Triple Win.


With the education and tools that we offer, you can:

  • make treatment more accessible to patients.

  • Make your treatment results more predictable.

  • Build the productive practice you've always dreamed off


Becoming a Myoaligner® preferred provider is easy. All you have to do is to register for a short virtual lunch & Learn training on us for your entire team, pass a few hours of online courses on our PACE approved Academy, hop on a 30 min call with your clinical advisor to brainstorm on your cases, submit your patient records through our HIPAA secure portal, and expand your services within a few weeks. 


Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re able attract and retain more patients and build the practice of your dreams.


We’re here to help you do both!

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