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Free yourself from pain

Cuando el dolor de mandíbula y los dolores de cabeza por tensión son causados por trastornos de la ATM, corregir la causa raíz con Myoaligner alivia la tensión muscular y el dolor de mandíbula de forma rápida y eficaz.

Dolor de cabeza.png
Eliminar dolores de cabeza

That keep you up at night and linger during the day

Trate la ATM, viva sin dolor

And end your sore jaw, neck, and back

Mastica y come con facilidad

Sin bloqueo de mandíbula ni clic. ruidos

Tired of living with jaw pain?

El dolor persistente en la mandíbula es lo peor. La desalineación de los dientes y la mandíbula, el perfil facial deficiente, la asimetría facial, la falta de sueño, la dificultad para masticar, rechinar los dientes, apretar los dientes, el dolor de oído, el dolor de cuello y los dolores de cabeza podrían estar relacionados con lo que comúnmente se conoce como trastorno de la ATM. No te conformes con una vida con dolor de mandíbula

Why Myoaligner®?


Is Myoaligner® right for you?

If you’re dealing with one or more of these issues, you may have TMJ disorder or TMD.

Pain in the jaw, face, neck or ear

Tooth grinding and clenching

Persistent headaches

Recessed lower jaw

Bloqueo de la mandíbula o ruido en la mandíbula.

mal dormir

What’s TMJ disorder?

El trastorno de la ATM a menudo se refiere a dolor en las articulaciones de la mandíbula (la articulación temporomandibular), ruido o bloqueo de las articulaciones y espasmos en los músculos faciales y del cuello que controlan la alineación de la mandíbula.  


Hay muchas razones que pueden causar que la mandíbula esté desalineada, pero la más común es una mala mordida o la forma en que los dientes se engranan, lo que comprime la mandíbula inferior en la articulación.


Si sufre dolor en la mandíbula, sensación de plenitud en los oídos, dolor de cuello o rechina y aprieta los dientes, es posible que tenga un trastorno de la ATM. Para saber si es candidato para el tratamiento con Myoaligner, responda el cuestionario.

Cómo funciona...

What our patients are saying

Sin dolores agudos y mejor sueño.
“I had trouble eating. It got to where I would wake up many times during the night with sharp pains in my jaw.  It’s been great ever since Myoaligner treatment . I don’t have any more sharp pain and I’ve been sleeping better.”

Talk and eat anything I want
The right side of my jaw popped all the time and it drove me up the wall. With Myoaligner, I can talk and eat anything I want with no popping or problems.”

No more jaw pain
"I was referred to a TMJ dentist that made me an orthotic by Myoaligner®. Ever since, I have not experienced any pain or clicking in my jaw joints!"

  • Why Myoaligner®?
    Myoaligner® was developed by a dentist who struggled with consequences of a bad bite as a patient. Her passion lead to developing a simple method to make treatment more accessible and affordable for patients. The innovative segmented feature of Myoaligner® takes minimal space in the mouth compared to the existing full arch designs, and can be used to cover just a few teeth or the entire dental arch as recommended by the dentist. No shaving and alterations of the teeth are needed, making Myoaligner® on of the most non-invasive options available in dentistry today for improving the tooth shape and size.
  • Is Myoaligner® safe?
    Unlike most dental prosthesis that are made in non regulated dental labs, all products made by Myoaligner®are fabricated with FDA cleared dental Materials and manufactured in US based, FDA complaint dental facilities to assure the highest level of quality and patient safety.
  • How long is the duration of the treatment?
    The type and length of treatment depends on the diagnosis, treatment goals and the specific treatment that your dentist recommends. Be sure to ask your dentist about the prognosis and the estimated length of treatment during the consultation appointment.
  • Is treatment covered by insurance?
    Depending on the diagnosis and treatment recommended by your trained dentist, either medical or dental insurance can be billed to cover treatment fully or partially. Please keep in mind that insurance benefits, co- pays and deductibles vary per individuals and may even be different for 2 employees working for the same company. Once your provider provides the right diagnostic and treatment codes, be sure to contact your insurance to get more details on your plan.
  • How much does the treatment cost?
    The cost of treatment can vary per patient, the severity of the problem, and the comprehensive treatment that the provider provides. Your provider can give you an estimate after the initial consultation appointment.
  • What if a patient is not satisfied with treatment?
    They need to contact the treating dentists to explore modification, other treatment options, or possibly referrals to other specialty providers. It's best to start with the least invasive options before committing to non-reversible treatment options.
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