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How does it work?

All it takes are 3 easy steps

3 easy steps

No surgery, No tooth shaving

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Fast results

Custom fit for comfort

State-licensed, certified
Myoaligner® dentists

Every dentist in our network is licensed and has completed a PACE approved on-boarding training on Myoaligner® Academy to assure that they have the knowledge, training, tools and support to use our products safely and effectively on their patients . 

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Patient locates a Myoaligner® provider

A Myoaligner® certified dentist performs the consultation and evaluation of the patient to determine their conditions and action plans for treatment. The dentist provides the patient with all treatment options, risks, benefits, costs, insurance coverage and referrals.



Treatment and records appointment

The provider completes diagnostic imaging, tests, digital or physical full arch impressions, implements the necessary treatment modalities, creates a digital RX that includes tooth size, shape, shade, and uploads patient records to a HIPAA secure platform for digital design and fabrication.



Meet treatment goals and follow ups

Within 3–4 weeks, the dentist delivers, performs the necessary adjustments, recommends follow-up appointments and provides the patient with informed consents and use instructions to maximize treatment benefits.

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