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Myoaligner Beauty


 A revolutionary solution to complex dental problems 

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Our Philosophy

We believe the key to long term health is addressing the root cause of the problem that hinders your ability to achieve and sustain an optimal healthy lifestyle.

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How It Works

Myoaligner® innovative system empowers dentists to deliver non-invasive solutions to complex dental problems.

Image by Omar Lopez


 Poor facial profile, poor jaw alignment, tooth wear, loss of vertical dimension of the bite, facial asymmetry, recessed or collapsed jaw.

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Explore Your Options

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Pain resolution

If you suffer facial tension and  pain that stems from a poor bite and jaw alignment, addressing the bite alignment could lead to long term resolution of your symptoms and free you from dependence  on pain medications 

Image by Cade Prior


If your jaw is misaligned, the muscles, joints, neck, and your entire body would be impacted too. Poor body alignment negatively impacts strength, muscle recruitment, balance, and athletic performance

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The bite alignment directly impacts jaw posture, facial symmetry, and beauty.  Correcting the root cause could give you longer-lasting results compared to invasive surgical facelifts, botox injections, and cosmetic fillers, which target the tissue short term.

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