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Myoaligner® philosophy offers non-surgical solutions to patients who suffer from poor facial profile, poor jaw alignment and malocclusion. 

Myoaligner® treatment protocol offers dentists and their patients revolutionary non-invasive solutions to complex problems. By naturally relaxing the jaw muscles and allowing the jaw to realign  to the optimal position, a majority of patients can be relieved from jaw pain, headaches or other symptoms caused by a bad bite. 

Myoaligner® patented process achieves bio-remodeling and muscle reprogramming to treat cranio-mandibular disorders.  

Myoaligner® patented appliances are digitally designed and fabricated through an innovating patented process for patient comfort and ultimate accuracy, which enables dentists reach their treatment goals more efficiently.

The majority of patients report treatment satisfaction after temporary use of Myoaligner functional appliances, custom fitted by their treating dentist. 

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy values a comprehensive approach to care. 

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