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Myoaligner® patented system offers non-invasive solutions to complex problems.  Based on 5 decades of science in physiologic dentistry and commitment to research and development in dental 3D design and fabrication,  Myoaligner®  innovative process enables dentists to offer bio-remodeling and muscle reprogramming when treating cranio-mandibular disorders such as; poor facial profile, poor jaw alignment and malocclusion.    

By naturally relaxing the jaw muscles and allowing the jaw to realign  to the optimal position, a majority of patients can be relieved from jaw pain, headaches or other symptoms caused by a bad bite. 

Myoaligner® natural looking appliances are digitally designed and fabricated in the United States through an innovating patented process to allow for ultimate patient comfort during chewing and speaking.  

Myoaligner®  System is only available through licensed dentists.  The length of treatment and the outcome may vary depending on each case.  Contact a Myoaligner® provider in your area today to see if you’re a candidate.   

Our Philosophy

Addressing the root cause with a Multidisciplinary approach to care  

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