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Valued Providers

Myoaligner® providers located all over the world.


Dr. Bill Williams

"I have never had any dental devices that fit as well as these 3D designed ones do. I think Myoaligner® is very flexible in terms of its capabilities."

-Suwanee, GA

Dr. Maryam Motlagh, CEO of Myoaligner®

Dr. Maryam Motlagh

"Myoaligner® appliances are invisible in the mouth and easy to chew with. Some of my patients wear them for years and love them!"


Portland, OR

Dr. Craig Landry, Myoaligner® provider

Dr. Craig Landry

I used a number of Myoaligner® appliances for my complex restorative cases that saved me time in clinic. 


-Lafayette, LA

Dr. Ira Shapira  Myoaligner®  provider

Dr. Ira Shapira

"I was working with a very fragile patients and decided Myoaligner® would be the best option."

Dr. Bob Jankelson

Dr. Bob Jankelson

"I've been around this business a long time. Myoaligner® is a breakthrough technology! it takes less tongue space in the mouth which is crucial for correct swallowing function"

Dr. Anne-Marie Claveau

Dr. Anne-Marie Claveau

"It's a great solution! It helps hold the jaw in the relaxed position during chewing. I will for sure be using this appliance and technique in my practice. 

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