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A Simple Solution to Complex Dental Problems

Myoaligner® patented system is FDA cleared for treatment of Migraine headaches and TMJ disorders.  Myoaligner® turnkey system empowers dentists to expand their services beyond general dentistry, bridge the gap between medical and dental and ultimately make specialty treatment more accessible for their patients.

The innovative segmented and removable feature of Myoaligner® device provides, convenience, versatility and treatment predictability for dentists, enhancing any airway and TMJ practice, as well as cosmetic, orthodontic, restorative, and implant dentistry. 


Join our growing community, stay connected with progressive colleagues, boost your practice and achieve your patient care goals.

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You became a dentist to:

✓ Help patients develop healthy smiles
✓ Put your years of training to use
✓ Build a thriving practice and live a great life

Pero en lugar de eso obtuviste:

X Longer hours
X Headaches caused by lower insurance reimbursements
X Stress and burnout

Explore how Myoaligner® can significantly reduce your chair time, increase production, and provide comprehensive solutions through a concise, accessible on line education via PACE-approved Myoaligner® Academy, enhanced with continuous live support and Free clinical consults.

How it Works...

More revenue, Less overhead

Le enseñamos soluciones no invasivas para problemas dentales complejos que reducen su responsabilidad, reducen sus gastos generales y aumentan su producción por hora.

Build a practice you’ve dreamed of

When you make effective treatment accessible, non-invasive, and affordable, your patients will not seek treatment somewhere else.

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Eliminar la competencia

By offering  innovative solutions you boost patient satisfaction, set your own fees and free yourself from insurance limitations 

Take your practice to the next level

How Myoaligner® can help your dental practice

How Myoaligner® training helps your practice

TMJ Disorder_edited.jpg
TMJ Disorders

Your training with us covers the intimate connection between mal-occlusion, TMJ disorders, obstructive sleep apnea, cranio cervical alignment, posture, breathing, swallowing function, muscle spasm, cranio facial development and para functional activities such as bruxism and clenching.  That impact the longevity of your dental treatment or restorations.

Recessed Lower Jaw

When poor occlusion retracts the mandible, it can lead to compression of the jaw joins, muscle spasm and forward head posture.  Supporting the mandible in optimal position with optimal occlusion can dramatically improve facial aesthetics and sagging jowls.

Poor Facial Asymmetry.png
Poor Facial Asymmetry

Malocclusion can negatively impact the cranio- mandibular alignment by deviating the mandible from its physiologic trajectory where muscles are at optimal function.   Once you establish functional occlusion protocols that support proper breathing and swallowing, you can predictably transition your patients into orthodontic or restorative treatments that will last.

Occlusion and Cosmetic Issues

Bruxism, tooth wear, loss of vertical dimension of occlusion and and poor facial profile all go hand in hand.  Restoring occlusion not only improves the smile but also facial aesthetics.

How to become a Myoaligner® Provider


Regístrese en Myoaligner Academy, acceda a su capacitación aprobada por PACE, consentimientos de pacientes, códigos de facturación, opciones de tratamiento, aplicaciones y consejos sobre la entrega.


Conozca virtualmente a su especialista en incorporación, disfrute de un almuerzo virtual gratuito y aprenda con su equipo y utilice nuestro marketing y soporte para ampliar los servicios a sus pacientes fácilmente.


Complete a 30 min consultation  with your clinical advisor, submit your patient records via our HIPAA secure portal, and use our unlimited support to launch. 

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Creemos en la triple victoria.
Con mioalineador® entrenándote…

✓Boost your production with less clinical hours
✓Offer low liability solutions to complex problems
✓ Make patients happy and healthy

What our dentists are saying

Dr. Bob Jankelson.jpg

Dr. Bob Jankelson

"He estado en este negocio durante mucho tiempo. ¡Myoaligner® es un sistema innovador!"

Dr. Ira Shapira.jpg

Dr. Ira Shapira

"I was working with a very fragile patients and decided Myoaligner® would be the best option."


Dr. Anne-Marie Claveau

"It's a great solution! It helps hold the jaw in the relaxed position.  I will for sure be using this  technique in my practice."

Dr. Bill Willams

Dr. Bill Williams

 "I have never had an orthotic that fit as well as these do. I think Myoaligner® is very flexible in terms of its capabilities."

What’s included when you become a Myoaligner® trained dentist

  • Acceso ilimitado a6 créditos CE en línea(Aprobado por PACE)

  • ComplementarioAlmuerzo del equipo virtual y aprender

  • IlimitadoSoporte y Recurso Acceso

  • Marketing Paquete de inicio

  • GRATIS Mioalineador®3 segmentadosDispositivo

  • GRATISMuestra modelo

  • GRATISConsultas Clínicas

  • GRATISClínicas LIVE (8 créditos CE)

  • 10% de descuento pedidos de laboratorio primeros 90 días

Para dentistas por dentistas

Based on 60 years of existing research in medicine and  dentistry

Más de 25 años de I+D para desarrollar el sistema Myoaligner®.

Over 1000 Patients' lives  changed

  • Why Myoaligner®?
    Myoaligner® was developed by a dentist who struggled with consequences of a bad bite, TMJ pain and migraine headaches. The innovative design of Myoaligner® takes minimal space in the mouth compared to the traditional dental devices. Myoaligner® can be custom made to cover just a few teeth or the entire dental arch where the bite support is needed. No shaving and alterations of the teeth are needed, making Myoaligner® on of the most non-invasive options available in dentistry today.
  • Is Myoaligner® safe?
    Unlike most dental prosthesis that are made in non regulated dental labs, Myoaligner® has gone through vigorous clinical and performance testing to received FDA clearance and further assure the safety and efficacy of this product. Myoaligner is made with FDA cleared material and manufactured in US based, FDA complaint dental facilities to assure the highest level of quality and patient safety.
  • How long is the duration of the treatment?
    The length of treatment depends on the diagnosis, treatment goals and the specific treatment that your dentist recommends. Typically the device is used day and night for several weeks until the symptoms are resolved. Most patient wear it only at night 3 months after initiation of treatment. Be sure to ask your dentist about the prognosis and the estimated length of treatment during the consultation appointment.
  • Is treatment covered by insurance?
    Depending on the diagnosis and treatment recommended by your trained dentist, either medical or dental insurance can be billed to cover treatment fully or partially. Please keep in mind that insurance benefits, co- pays and deductibles vary per individuals and may even be different for 2 employees working for the same company. Once your Myoaligner provider records the right diagnostic and treatment codes, be sure to contact your insurance to get more details on your plan.
  • How much does the treatment cost?
    The cost of treatment can vary per patient, the severity of the problem, and the comprehensive treatment that the provider provides. Your provider can give you an estimate after the initial consultation appointment.
  • What if a patient is not satisfied with treatment?
    It's best to have good communication with your treating dentists to explore modification, other treatment options, or possibly referrals to other specialty providers. It's always best to start with the least invasive treatment option like Myoaligner before committing to non-reversible treatment options.

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